Protein Synthesis Diagram

The History of the mRNA Vaccines

No one woke up on a morning in December and decided that an mRNA vaccine was the way to go without any prior knowledge of the science and technology of mRNA vaccines. That knowledge goes back decades, and there have been many people working on this technology with many companies and governments spending large amounts of money on it. There have been clinical trials on mRNA vaccines not just for the coronavirus but for cancer and other ailments. Little by little, advances were made that brought us to the current vaccine.

What Is the Halal Status of the COVID-19 Vaccine?

This questioning of vaccine components and how they fit within religious instructions shows how complicated public health responses to epidemics can get. On the one hand, public health needs to measure the ethics of the interventions they recommend. On the other, they also need to keep in mind the complexity of the population being served. Even within a subpopulation — a town or a neighborhood — there are special considerations to make in planning how to respond.