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The History of the mRNA Vaccines

No one woke up on a morning in December and decided that an mRNA vaccine was the way to go without any prior knowledge of the science and technology of mRNA vaccines. That knowledge goes back decades, and there have been many people working on this technology with many companies and governments spending large amounts of money on it. There have been clinical trials on mRNA vaccines not just for the coronavirus but for cancer and other ailments. Little by little, advances were made that brought us to the current vaccine.

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Randomized Clinical Trials for Vaccine Safety, Efficacy and Effectiveness

Some of the misinformation regarding vaccines includes an argument that vaccines have not been tested against a saline placebo in a double-blinded randomized clinical trial. This misinformation is aimed at confusing the wealth of evidence regarding the safety and effectiveness of immunizations. In this blog post, we will explain what a blinded randomized clinical trial is, when this study design has been used in the development of immunizations, and why it is not used as often anymore.

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You Should Read These Three Books on History and Infectious Diseases

If you want to learn a little more about history in general, and infectious diseases in particular, I highly recommend the following three books. Please note that I do not receive any kind of compensation for recommending them. They’re just books that cover historical aspects of infectious diseases in the United States and abroad, including some stories related to vaccines. Enjoy…