A Discussion on the National Basketball Association Players Who Will Not Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

While the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBA) has reported near universal vaccination of its players (one of the 144 active players has not been fully vaccinated yet, but will, according to some reports), the men playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA) are not fully vaccinated at quite the same level. Still, the NBA vaccine coverage is approaching 90%, but some outspoken players have questioned the safety and efficacy of the vaccine recently.

Today, the Le Batard and Friends network had a roundtable discussion on why the vaccine hesitancy in the NBA is a problem, its origins, and what can be done to reach universal vaccination. Speaking on the panel were Kate Fagan, Howard Bryant, and Tom Haberstroh. The discussion is about 44 minutes long.

Author: René F. Najera, DrPH

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    1. It is our understanding that the rates among support staff are even higher because the teams have put mandates in place for them that are not covered under the collective bargaining agreement that covers the players.

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