Historical Figure of the Month: Loney Clinton Gordon

A few months ago, a reader asked us on social media if we could use an image different from John Snow’s for our avatar on social media. On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Doctor Snow looks off into the distance as if wondering what will happen with his new “vaccine.” We are happy to announce that the avatar for our social media will change each month to that of a historical figure in the history of vaccines. This month, we begin with Loney Clinton Gordon, a scientist who helped in the development of the vaccine against pertussis (whooping cough).

We reached out to the folks at Michigan Women Forward, and they provided us with the image we will be using for Ms. Gordon on our social media. Loney Clinton Gordon will be our avatar through the month of February. So check back in March to see who is next.

We previously wrote about Ms. Clinton Gordon as part of our coverage of Black History Month, so check out that blog post below:

Author: René F. Najera, DrPH

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