Keeping Track of COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

While individual states and localities have taken it upon themselves to report the number of cases, deaths and outbreaks of COVID-19, and now the number of vaccine doses given, very few national and international groups are aggregating the data. Perhaps the most famous source of aggregated information on COVID-19 cases is Johns Hopkins University and their dashboard. Another group that has been keeping good numbers by aggregating data from many different sources are the folks over at Our World in Data. They have put together the dashboard you can access on our COVID-19 summary page, and now they have published a dashboard showing the number of COVID-19 vaccines of all types and brands given in the world. All of those data are based on what is reported by official sources, of course. As a result, some data may not be included if it is not reported or is reported by unofficial sources.

Here is the dashboard:

Author: René F. Najera, DrPH

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