National Immunization Awareness Month: Rabies is Deadly to Pets and Humans

Continuing our look back at historical documentaries and other media on vaccines, here is a short video on the signs and symptoms of rabies and how it is prevented through vaccination. Because of vaccination of pets and other animals in the United States, as well as a robust surveillance system to find rabid animals and control the spread of the disease, it has been years since a resident of the United States contracted rabies domestically. It was only in 2019 that Mexico was declared free of human rabies cases caused by dog bites. (As a child and living in Mexico, I was bitten by a rabid dog and had to receive several shots of the rabies vaccine into my navel in order to save my life.)

Please note that the following video shows images and archive footage of people and pets suffering from the signs and symptoms of rabies. If you are sensitive to images of people and animals suffering from this painful and deadly condition, click here to learn about rabies without the graphic images.

The video is from the US National Library of Medicine, filmed in 1956, and runs about 11 minutes.

Author: René F. Najera, DrPH

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