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As the pandemic of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, we will try very hard to continue giving you blog posts that put the pandemic into historical context. This is not the first — or last — pandemic that humanity will face. This post will remain at the top of the post feed, and the list below will be updated with our last ten blog posts about coronavirus.

Here Are Four Possibilities on How the Coronavirus Pandemic Will End
There are different scenarios under which pandemics come to an end. Here, we present you with five of them based on how coronavirus behaves.
An Expert Weighs in on COVID-19
What is COVID-19? Glad you asked! Let Dr. Harvey Rubin tell you all about it.
The First Mention of Coronaviruses in the Scientific Literature
In November 1968, an article in the journal Nature suggested a new type of virus had been discovered. Under the microscope, the virus looked like the sun's corona, so the …
How Has Wall Street Behaved With Other Pandemics?
The arrival and spread of coronavirus, and the interventions against it, have caused a commotion in the stock market. Has this happened with previous pandemics?
Epidemics, Social Distancing and Parades (UPDATED)
In 1918, a parade in the middle of the Spanish Flu pandemic triggered a severe epidemic of influenza in Philadelphia. With the first confirmed case of coronavirus reported in Philadelphia, …
A Soldier’s Letter Home in 1918
In 1918, two Canadian brothers serving in World War I sent letters back and forth with friends and family. Some of those letters have been preserved, telling the story of …
CDC Microsite for Coronavirus Information
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published a “microsite” on coronavirus. This…
A Coronavirus Pandemic Is Coming, so What Should You Do?
There are many ways to prepare for a pandemic. Here are some resources you might find useful as coronavirus slowly marches towards us.
Correspondence in a Pandemic: Then and Now
In 1918, most correspondence was written by hand or typed. It was all on paper. Today, it is mostly digital. Here we share a letter from 1918 about the influenza …
What Goes Into Naming the Cause of a Disease?
The novel coronavirus disease has been given an official name. So what goes into a name? Viruses and their diseases are named in different ways.

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I am the editor of the History of Vaccines site, an online project by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. All opinions expressed on these blog posts are not necessarily those of the College or any of my employers. Check out my professional profile on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/renenajera Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @EpiRen

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