Vaccine News Roundup – February 1, 2019

“How Facebook and YouTube help spread anti-vaxxer propaganda” (The Guardian) []

“Measles: Why it’s so deadly, and why vaccination is so vital” (The Conversation) []

“As measles outbreak grows, international travel and vaccination gaps fingered as the culprits” (WAFB, via CNN) []

“US Researchers Look for Long-Lasting Ebola Vaccine” (Voice of America) []

“OPINION: Today’s skepticism of vaccines could be as big of a health threat as HIV” (USA Today) []

“Proposed bills will allow religious exemption to vaccination, require vaccine info disclosures” (Fox 10 Phoenix) []

“Sen. Blumenthal pushes for universal flu vaccine” (WTNH, Connecticut) []

Author: René F. Najera, DrPH

I am the editor of the History of Vaccines site, an online project by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. All opinions expressed on these blog posts are not necessarily those of the College or any of my employers. Check out my professional profile on LinkedIn: Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @EpiRen