New Videos: March of Dimes and Polio

David Rose, Archivist, March of DimesWe’ve just posted a set of video clips of an interview we conducted in October 2012 with March of Dimes archivist David Rose. Rose was here to give a talk about the Foundation’s involvement in polio treatment and vaccine research and promotion from the 1930s through the 1960s.

He discussed the role of U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt in founding the March of Dimes and its funding of medical treatments for people with paralytic polio. Addtionally, he gave an overview of the principle researchers investigating poliovirus at the time: the Enders team in Boston, Jonas Salk at the University of Pittsburgh, and Albert Sabin at the Universty of Cincinnati. Of course, he describes the famous Salk vaccine trial of 1954 and the Foundation’s role in providing and promoting the vaccine once it was licensed.

Many of the videos are now included in our polio vaccine timeline. Or, you can see all the clips together in our Gallery. Many thanks to David Rose for sitting down with us to talk about the history of polio and polio vaccines in the United States.