Plotkin on CSPAN’s Washington Journal 11/3

Stanley A. Plotkin, 1970sStanley A. Plotkin, MD, vaccine developer and History of Vaccines advisor, will appear Thursday, 11/3, on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal around 9:15 am EDT. Dr. Plotkin will be discussing the history of vaccination and the role of the government in supporting research and regulating vaccine production. You can watch live on C-SPAN, or live online at (click the image for Thursday’s show, and then click Video Playlist on the right).

This is a call-in program, so please phone in to ask Dr. Plotkin questions about the history of vaccines, the role of the government in vaccine development and regulation, and Dr. Plotkin’s work on oral polio, rubella, rabies, rotavirus, and other vaccines.

We don’t think that vaccination is a highly partisan topic, but C-SPAN lists different call-in numbers for people of different party affiliations.

Democrats (202) 737-0001
Republicans: (202) 737-0002
Independents: (202) 628-0205
Outside U.S.: (202) 628-0184

The program will be archived at the Washington Journal website, so if you miss the live show, you’ll be able to view it later.

Many thanks to Dr. Plotkin for taking time out of his busy schedule to appear on this show!