Illsville: Fight the Disease! New Game Just Launched!

Illsville: Fight the DiseaseWe are thrilled to announce that The History of Vaccines epidemic game is now available!

Illsville: Fight the Disease is a game that takes players on a journey through history and health, as the townspeople of Illsville attempt to identify diseases and develop vaccines for them. Decision points based on historical events influence the outcome of the game: Should scientists be given microscopes to further their investigations? Will creating a live or killed vaccine be more effective? Players can deploy doctors, quarantines, and educators to combat outbreaks. An unsuccessful game ends when disease wipes out the population of Illsville. A successful game ends with a healthy, vaccinated population.

Night Kitchen Interactive did a great job designing and programming the Illsville. The Karabots Junior Fellows here at the College helped us plan, design, and review the game.

Take a few minutes to play the game, and then forward the link to friends, family, and colleagues. And tell us what you think! Did you make it to the end of Era 4? Did you have to start over after wiping out your population?