Smallpox 2010

Girl recovering from smallpox, The College of Physicians of PhiladelphiaYou might not be able to make it to Rio de Janeiro, but you can join the conference“Smallpox Eradication after 30 years: Lessons, Legacies and Innovations.” Organizers are the SabinVaccine Institute,  Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, and the Fogarty International Center. The conference dates are August 24-27.

Live streaming video and a conference schedule are available at this link. (Rio is one hour later than Eastern Daylight Time.) We’re especially looking forward to Session 1, Lessons from Smallpox-Endemic countries: Illuminating experiences in program conception and execution, which is moderated by DA Henderson, MD. See our interview with him here: The History of Vaccines Interviews DA Henderson, MD.

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